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The data herein is compiled from public sources and is not supported by any operator’s organizations or agencies.


The formulas and algorithms were solely designed by 2iC Energy Consulting Services and are not guaranteed for accuracy and are designed for the sole purpose of a point of discussion only and cannot infer any conclusion in any way or matter.


2iC Energy Consulting Services Ltd wholly owns the intellectual property contained herein.


The information contained in these reports is believed to be accurate at the time of publishing; however, it is not guaranteed or warranted in any way by 2iC Energy Consulting Services Ltd. or its agents and/or authors. The user of this data will indemnify 2iC Energy Consulting Services Ltd against any losses, claims, damages or liabilities incurred arising out of the provision of the data and or services.


2iC Energy Consulting Services Ltd. offers a corporate license policy and options for multiple copies of reports, for details please contact the company. This single license report is copyrighted and cannot be reproduced in any form by any means in part or in whole without written permission from 2iC Energy Consulting Services Ltd.  


Photocopying and redistribution of reports to other sites, facilities, units, divisions, corporate offices or affiliates of the purchaser's organization is prohibited.  Canadian and International law strictly forbid the redistribution or resale of illegally obtained copies. Violators risk civil and/or criminal penalties.


2iC Energy Consulting Services Ltd is an independent consulting firm.  The research contained in these reports is the intellectual property of 2iC Energy Consulting Services Ltd.  Copyright is claimed by these entities under the licensing conditions noted above.  The data, research, and companies or indexes contained in these reports are not an offer to solicit or a recommendation to purchase any security. The views, economic model, and judgments in these reports are an opinion and are based on conditions at the date of publication.  The use of articles or the opinions published through these reports or internet enabled media do not constitute any acceptance of liability arising from use of this material.  Customers have purchased material published by the company.  Possession of research published by the company does not imply any right of use.

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