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 Energy Management Services

Mike Carter

Typical projects for 2iC include working with Board or Ownership Members to help Executive Teams execute on concise strategic plans. Over thirty years of industry experience focused on drilling and geological data enable companies to grow and move forward with effective planning and strategies.

Services also include forensic Geo-technical work performing detailed analysis on historic well and production data to determine potential opportunities from existing infrastructure. Applying multifaceted experience allows for the effective understanding of a well or field's unexploited potential.

My Services Include:



Customizable Services


Customized services are available for individual need, and I can tailor my services to best serve you. My expertise and experience is just an email away.

Lake Houses

Why choose my Management Services?

With a career starting in 1987, I have been very fortunate to see geological and drilling data from most of the major basins in Western Canada. Beginning in the field, I have enjoyed working at all levels of both resource and service companies. During this time, I have gained invaluable experience and insight in various technologies and oil field services. With my knowledge, I have a keen understanding of the "how," "where," and "when" to apply various technologies and strategies. Success has always followed the compilation of a great team of individuals applying to a common goal; whether this be drilling a successful well, providing a technical service that has a competitive advantage, or increasing the cost-effective exploitation of an aging resource, I can help you build these components.

Who I Am

I am the father to two adult children, Kyle and Kiara, and a step-dad to Makenna. In 2012, I played in the World's Longest Hockey Game to raise money for the Alberta Children's Hospital. During my free time, I continue to play hockey, water-ski, downhill ski, and listen to my record collection. The Shuswap is home to the cabin my dad built in 1962 and we enjoy using it in the summer.

Beautiful Landscape

Any questions or concerns?

Don't hesitate to reach out! I'm happy to answer any questions or inquiries to figure out the service that's best for you.

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