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It's all about Management and Assistance

Today's business leaders need high quality resources more than ever. Using the latest technologies, 2iC provides effective administrative, leadership, and management services. The 2iC leadership team of Kym Dalke and Mike Carter provides professional services to address key business functions. 


Mike Carter










Mike is the founder of 2iC. He energetically and creatively leads profitable and sustainable companies based on experience from a career spanning over 29 years. His valuable cyclical experience started in the field in 1987 and progressed to include technical, managerial and executive positions. Starting in early 2015, the goal was to provide full cycle services in the areas of business development, market research and analysis, leadership coaching, enterprise valuation, asset sales, and corporate governance guidance in the areas of safety and critical operational functions.



Kym Dalke



As a Virtual Assistant, Kym provides 25 years of administrative experience to enterprises of all sizes. Small business is a passion for her. Kym's methodology and ideology of how to bring modern and effective business systems increases productivity, limits risk, and allows business to grow and be profitable. She has additional experience with personal assistance, document processing, graphic design, and association and client management.

Kiara Carter



Kiara is a student of English and History at the University of Calgary. She has experience in website building and designing, freelance and copyright writing, and multiple forms of data cleaning and entry including time as a Cardiac Research Assistant at the University of Calgary in partnership with the Foothills Hospital in the Cardiac Research Division. During her time working at the hospital, Kiara gained experience maintaining patient confidentiality, crafting and analyzing data visualizations, and professional contract and study agreement writing and formulation, as well as auditing and editing peers and coworkers. Research is one of Kiara's main focuses through school, and she was written multiple research articles and essays.


"Our commitment is to streamline our clients' experience by working together to achieve the best possible results."

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